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A personalized coaching program for aspiring data scientists.

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Follow our step-by-step program including resume optimization, 1-on-1 mock interviews and actual take-home challenges from tech startups so you can land any job.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Getting Started

Review the data science career path, program expectations and logistics.

Personal Branding

Learn how to perfect your personal pitch and optimize your resume.

Project Portfolio

Make your projects stand out from every other applicants.

Networking and Applying

Multiply your professional network with our framework and apply for jobs that fit your individual profile.

Initial Interviews

Tackle behavioral, culture fit and brainteaser questions using simple frameworks.

Technical Interviews

Practice technical questions like SQL querying, whiteboarding, take-home challenges and product questions.

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Most students were coached at K2 Data Science
Hey, I'm Ty Shaikh.

While working at General Assembly and K2 Data Science, I've helped 50+ people land new jobs in data science, analytics and engineering.

I know exactly what companies are looking for in candidates and the types of questions asked each round.

I'll be with you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most students work in analytics or engineering and know a programming language or two. Often times, students have graduate degrees, but that isn't a requirement for being a data scientist.

We meet weekly to discuss your progress and give specific feedback.

The coaching doesn't stop until you get a job offer. You are also welcome to stick around as you accumulate additional job offers and come back when you are looking to get promoted or move to a new company.

There are several articles and video tutorials available on our website about the data science interview process. Please check them out.

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