Ace your software engineering interviews

An intensive preparation program for aspiring software engineers.

Develop your interview skills

Work on problems from actual software engineering interviews, engage in meaningful discussions, and participate in structured peer-to-peer mock interviews - all designed to prepare you for actual technical interviews.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Getting Started

Review the software engineering career path, program expectations, and logistics.

Personal Branding

Learn how to perfect your personal pitch and optimize your resume.

Project Portfolio

See what fundamental components you need for building a GitHub portfolio.

Networking and Applying

Multiply your professional network with our framework and apply for jobs that fit your individual profile.

Initial Interviews

Tackle behavioral, culture fit and brainteaser questions while asking great follow-ups during phone interviews.

Technical Interviews

Practice technical questions like whiteboarding algorithms and data structures and system design questions.

Start practicing for interviews
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Weekly Agenda

Our program is very intense.
Consider removing all forms of distractions before joining.


  • Work on branding
  • Review career prep content
  • Build your professional network
  • Practice interview questions


  • 1-on-1 coaching call
  • Share interview progress
  • Get feedback on challenges
  • Conduct P2P mock interviews
Who can apply

This program is for individuals that are familiar with software engineering or fullstack development, have experience programming, and are looking to practice technical challenges for software engineering interviews. We don't care what university you went to. We welcome people from all backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This program is meant for people who can already code confidently. We are only teaching concepts related to the interview process and questions.

Yes. You will have a personal coach that will meet with you on a regular basis to check on your progress and give you customized advice.

We have written several in-depth articles about the software engineering interview process. Please read them so you can get a feel for the value we provide.

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Accelerate your job search

Take advantage of weekly coaching calls and join a group of motivated individuals that also want engaging, high-paying software engineering roles.

All Access

Personal coaching, comprehensive curriculum and algorithm practice.

$ 850
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